This website was created in response to a challenge by street photographer Matt Higgs to capture 30 street portraits of complete strangers in just 2 hours. In recent times street photography has suffered as more people are concerned about the use of images captured in public. For more information see the article at Wex Photographic.

Matt Higgs states that lots of people find street photography awkward, difficult, and even daunting. But so does Higgs, yet that’s what he spends his days doing. This project hopes to improve photographers skills and make members of the public more confident about images of them taken in public by asking for their permission before taking a photo.

A lot of photographers (and phonographers) have also had bad experiences taking photos of people in public spaces. I have had several bad experiences personally taking photos of people in public places. The rights of photographers and members of the public have become more blurred in recent years. As a result the concept of candid imagery is being destroyed by the new emerging cameraphobia which is not helped with the prolific growth of smart phones and the internet. While this project may not capture candid images, I hope that it will build a gallery of images enjoying themselves in public places.

Each photographer should introduce them self and ask the subject if they can take their photo before taking an image. Images will be uploaded to the website and the photographer will retain copyright to the images. Images uploaded can be removed by send a request to .